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Ultralite Enterprises currently offers several programs, suited to your individual needs. The Ultralite Lease Program is aimed at demonstrating to customers the superior safety, reliability, effectiveness, and cost-efficiency of Ultralite phototherapy systems…

We’re not different because our equipment is superior. Our equipment is superior because we are different.


Since its founding, Ultralite has worked to provide the highest performing, most reliable systems with unmatched customer service and support. Above all, Ultralite will always provide the highest level of integrity. Every day, our motivation for delivering the best products on the market with the highest integrity is driven by the potential benefits to patients and caregivers.

Some manufacturers of medical products may believe that it’s normal business practice to manipulate market supply; to arbitrarily change product designs and formulations, and mislead customers. We contend that not only is this bad business, it is immoral! Many customers have told us of unethical competitor practices, such as:

  • Selling used lamps as though they were new.
  • Refusing to honor a money-back guarantee on returned products.
  • Claiming their performance compares to Ultralite systems.

We feel that in every interaction with a company, you should be treated better and honestly. That’s why Ultralite is the only company willing to offer the Competitor Recovery Program.

Competitive phototherapy systems

Ultralite has helped many customers recover from their purchasing mistakes. We’ve enabled customers to achieve significant operational savings, offered flexible purchasing options, and provided installation and removal services. We even provide environmentally-friendly disposal for unwanted systems.

On a case-by-case basis, we’ll work with you to develop a customized recovery plan to transition you to a high performance, high quality Ultralite phototherapy system. We’ve even helped customers recover from inefficient systems they've owned for less than 1 year.

Before purchasing a competitors system

Take the Ultralite Challenge. We are so confident in the performance and effectiveness of our phototherapy systems, we’re willing to provide you an Ultralite phototherapy system at NO COST for a head-to-head challenge!

All you need to do is run a few treatments on both the Ultralite and competitive systems and compare the performance results, treatment times, and patient satisfaction. After comparing, if you’re not convinced Ultralite is the better phototherapy system, we’ll gladly remove the system at no cost.

Contact us today to Discover the Ultralite Difference

We treat people right!

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