Panelite Home Phototherapy System

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Panelite Home System

The Ultralite Panelite unit is configured as a semi-portable free-standing single bank of lamps, suitable for both clinical and home use.

Unlike home systems sold by competitors, the Panelite is designed to the same standards as our clinical systems. This means that patients who use the Panelite at home experience the same level of quality and performance as treatments performed at the doctor’s office!

Ultralite Panelite Advantages

  • Exposures are more repeatable – consistent.
  • Compact design – no moving parts.
  • Proprietary lamp power supply design.
  • Efficient structural design – light weight.
  • Power output using only eight lamps.
  • Double the output levels of competitors’ models.
  • Fewer lamps and higher output for faster treatments.
  • Longer effective lamp life – lower operating costs.
  • Home use for a patient – lamps may last ten to twenty years.
  • The Ultralite Panelite is reliable and built to last. Unlike our competitors, because we manufacture all of our products in our own factory, we offer support and service for any Ultralite Unit.
  • 24” width
  • 74” height
    Eight 72” T12 HO lamps – available in either UVA, UVB broadband, or UVB narrowband.