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We have received many inquiries regarding the Covid-19 virus and Ultralite phototherapy systems. Below is our statement...

Ultralite phototherapy systems, emit light in the ultraviolet A and ultraviolet B range.  I understand that some pathogens are killed by ultraviolet light in the UVC range.

I am not aware that UVA or UVB is used as a germicidal mechanism.  I know of no reason to suspect our devices or any UV phototherapy devices would be appropriate for killing pathogens.

Ultralite does not have the facility to experiment and test this as a solution to the current crisis. I would not use this as such at the risk of my own health.  I would especially not recommend anyone else use this as such without testing and evaluation by an expert who has access to knowledge and testing equipment suitable for making such a judgement.

We would appreciate being contacted by anyone who has additional information about this to increase my personal knowledge and use that to assist others.


Bill McMillan, President

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"Our office has been using Ultralite Phototherapy sytems for over 20 years.  Our 8 Ultralite systems remain reliable as well as easy to operate and maintain.  They are truly the backbone of the practice!"


Elisabeth G. Richard, MD
Assistant Professor, Johns Hopkins Dermatology
Johns Hopkins/Green Spring, 10753 Falls Rd, S-355, Lutherville, MD 21093