Full Body System


6809 Full Body System

The Ultralite 6809 computer control system allows dosimetry/timer control and requires no outside measuring devices, since an internal sensor measures light intensity. This system monitors for error constantly and can be programmed to lock out undesired operating modes. This allows the set up to be tailored so it can be easily changed at a later date. This control system can be updated with any future software so our equipment is never obsolete.

Technical Specifications:

  • State of the art electronics throughout the system
  • Solid state electronic ballasts for maximum intensity and lamp life
  • Computer control with integrating dosimetry for UVA and UVB (broadband and/or narrowband)
  • Sensor checking and alarm circuit detects sensor malfunctions and stops system operation
  • Timer display mounted inside the chamber for patient convenience and safety
  • Programmable password system means maximum security with no keys to lose or break
  • A special interrupt button located inside so that the patient can stop treatment at any time
  • Selectable delayed start mode allows system to be set up by the technician and started by the patient
  • Programmable maximum time and dose entry limits for UVA, UVB, or UVB narrowband
  • Computer memory allows review of all entered and achieved treatment data
  • Unequaled safety features increase efficiency and patient confidence
  • An overhead mirror allows the operator clear view of the patient with minimal compromise of privacy
  • UV transparent lamp sleeves completely contain broken glass unlike wire grids, yet absorb less light
  • Two high-volume 10″ fans provide patient comfort and heat dissipation
  • Large non-tipping patient platform raises patient above bottom of lamps
  • A full-size polycarbonate floor plate confines the machine and protects the floor
  • Plug-in components can be easily installed by operator in minutes

Unlike Ultralite’s competitors, because we manufacture all of our products in our own factory, we offer support and service for any professional full body system.

Machine Warranty:
Two-year manufacturer’s warranty against defects in materials and workmanship, excluding lamps

6’4.5″ High excluding optional overhead mirror (7’10” with mirror)
3’10” diameter
4′ X 5′ base requires minimum operating area
300 lbs. Approximate weight fully assembled

Electrical Requirements:
Dedicated 208/230 volt single phase circuit