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Mission Statement

To design and distribute the highest quality, safest, most efficient and user friendly phototherapy systems for clinical and home treatments. To provide outstanding customer service while delivering a better product today than we did yesterday. To deliver a better product tomorrow than we do today.

 The Ultralite Difference

We’re not different because our equipment is superior. Our equipment is superior because we are different. 


Ultralite systems are the safest on the market. One reason for this is the dosimetric control system and method pioneered by Ultralite specifically for phototherapy over thirty years ago. Dosimetric control systems, unlike timer-regulated control systems, start and stop treatments according to prescribed doses.

Ultralite’s dosimetric control system, because of its unique design, is more precise than any competitors’ dosimetric control. Another reason is that provided with every professional unit is a push button mechanism, which allows the patient to stop treatment at any time.

The results are clear: Ultralite’s overall control system has a time-proven record of over thirty years of ensuring and maintaining the welfare of the patient. This is why no Ultralite product has ever undergone an FDA recall.


Ultralite systems are the most reliable on the market. There are dozens of professional units over thirty years old still in operation today. Only the highest quality materials are used and all manufacturing is done in its own factory. Unlike some of its competitors, Ultralite stands behind and provides support for each and every product it sells for the life of the product. One of Ultralite’s primary aims is to make sure its customers receive the most dependable phototherapy system possible.


Ultralite systems are the most effective on the market. Because of the unparalleled energy output, patients receive better care when they step into an Ultralite phototherapy full body system,  than if they were treated with a competitor’s product.

In fact reports have come in from dermatology clinics in which patients not responding to treatments with competitive phototherapy system. Superior Patient outcomes have actually been observed when treated with an Ultralite system! This has prompted great research interest, with controlled studies currently being designed. 

Cost Efficient

Because of Ultralite’s unparalleled energy output, its products are the most cost efficient on the market. Lamps grow weaker with age, and any phototherapy system will see a degradation in energy output the older the lamps become.

With new narrow-band UVB lamps competitors’ systems emit anywhere from 5-12 mW/cm2, depending on model and manufacturer, while Ultralite machines emit around 16 mW/cm2. As the lamps age, our competitors’ drop to a range of 3-6 mW/cm2 at 200 hours, while, at the same lamp age, Ultralite systems still emit 10-12 mW/cm2. (Competitors recommend lamp replacement at 200 hours.)

Users of a competitor’s systems are compelled to buy new lamps at 200-250 hours, while users of Ultralite can continue to administer treatments for 350+ hours! Lamps are purchased much less frequently when using an Ultralite, resulting in a considerable cost-savings.

Treatment times are shorter, since prescribed dosages are reached more quickly, which means more patient treatments per lamp hour. Energy consumption is lower in clinics using Ultralite systems, since the lamps are used for shorter periods of time than with competitor’s products.

All phototherapy systems produce heat during treatments, requiring climate control to compensate for increased heat load. Because of shorter treatment times, climate control systems have to cool treatment rooms less than in clinics with competitor’s machines. These differences have considerable financial and environmental implications. Clinic personnel can be utilized more efficiently, since staff spend less time overseeing individual patient treatments. Space management is more efficient, since clinics require fewer machines than if using competitor’s machines. 

No other phototherapy system on the market is as cost-efficient as Ultralite ;

  • Clinics using Ultralite systems buy new lamps less frequently
  • Treat more patients with the existing lamps
  • Consumes less electricity
  • Utilize personnel more efficiently
  • Requires less floor space.

These individual features and benefits are only the manifestation of what is truly different about Ultralite. What sets us apart from our competitors, beyond the patient outcomes, cost effectiveness and customer service is INTEGRITY…

At Ultralite we hold the view that anyone who decides to enter the field of medical care or service accepts a solemn moral obligation to place the well-being of and care for patients ahead of all other concerns.

While it’s important for businesses to profit from their endeavors, our decisions to develop and improve Ultralite products are motivated primarily by potential benefits to patients and caregivers.

Some manufacturers of medical products may believe that it’s permissible to manipulate market supply; to arbitrarily change product designs and formulations. Misleading customers into thinking they have to make purchases that are, in fact, unnecessary. To adulterate competitor’s features in order to give their own products a market advantage. We contend that not only is this bad business, it is immoral.

All Ultralite products are intended to operate as well as possible for as long as possible at the lowest practical cost. Operating in this way is best for our customers, ourselves, and society as a whole. Our commitment to giving our customers the absolute best product.

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Bill McMillan founded Ultralite Enterprises, Inc. in Atlanta, Georgia almost 40 years ago, with the aim of providing safe and reliable phototherapeutic options for dermatologists and their patients. Since the introduction of our computerized control system in 1981, Ultralite units have proven to be the safest, most accurate, and most dependable machines on the market. Currently, Ultralite is developing a revolutionary control system that will set the standard in the field of phototherapy.

Our sincere dedication to providing high-quality, reliable phototherapy equipment with unmatched customer service has made us the most trusted name in phototherapy systems. Our phototherapy equipment is used by many of the most prestigious hospitals, clinics, medical universities, and private practices in North America. These include New York University Hospital, The Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania, Stanford University Hospital, Johns Hopkins University Hospital, Baylor University Medical Center, and Emory University Hospital. Contact us for information about obtaining testimonials from dermatologists and technicians currently using Ultralite equipment.

Ultralite continues to provide highly-reliable equipment with the most advanced safeguards, expert technical advice, and courteous customer service. Please don’t hesitate to contact us to find out more about our equipment, to acquire information about pricing, or to learn why so many experts prefer Ultralite to our competitors.